Not sure where or when these surveys were done although your article mentions they are "recent". If so then where were these people during Brexit? I believe that that vote was swayed by lies from Johnson, but also by prejudice.

Personally, I have no problem with foreigners entering Britain to work as long as it is done legally. Apply from outside. I did ... I had to. But I don't agree with a blanket law covering everything as farmers have truly missed their seasonal workers from abroad and the hotels, and restaurants that had workers from eastern Europe willingly working in that sector because Brits don't or won't. Maybe they should make the dole payments differently so that they are only a "top-up" when they have worked ANY job. To relate back to the article, I'm in favour of the seasonal jobs to help our agricultural communities and the hoteliers etcetera, but it all should be done legally ... temporary visas or applications.

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Hi Tamara, thanks for the comment. The UK surveys for the World Values Survey were carried out between March and September 2022.

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